Carrageenan – Distorted Reality

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Raw and unapologetic,

the hardware jams that comprise this twelve-track album serve as a meditation on the absurd nature of the world we live in. The opening track plunges the listener into a layered sonic landscape that is at once jarring and mesmerizing. Abstract percussion and laser synths intermingle in a subterranean expanse, evoking a sense of being lost in a labyrinthine world beyond our comprehension. As the music progresses, minimal, repetitive, and hypnotic arrangements become a ritualistic experience, beckoning the listener ever deeper into a sonic abyss of pulsating force fields and metallic caverns. While hints of industrial, techno, and dub can be detected throughout the album, the unique sound of Carrageenan dominates, creating a disorienting and surreal experience that challenges our perceptions of sound and reality.


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