MOS FET & Eustress

Photo by Cameron Gulley

MOS FET & Eustress, are two, long time friends who reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. There is an undeniable working bond, heard on each track they create; an ability to pivot and feed one another strengths, hint at a collaboration going back many more years, than the duo have actually produced together.

These merchants of mutant midwestern mutations, cook up vibes emotive and pastural, pulling at heartstrings, then slamming doors, swallowing the key, burning down the club, with stapler to the head madness, at once about to fall off the rails before being expertly reeled back in. These two always ensure that the listener is taken on an interesting ride through the unique lens, these talented auteurs envisioned.

MOS FET and Eustress (as Street Urchin) have both released solo material on NEO and Absolute Trax


Listen/Buy Hidden in the Night Lp here.