Új Bála

Photo by Gábor Kovács

Gábor Kovács works as Új Bála, an audio and visual artist hailing from Budapest Hungary. He produces the most acid fried techno-funk you have ever heard. Merging psychedelic textures, complex noise frequencies, industrial rhythm, all while maintaining a snarled lip and punk swagger. Through hypnotic techno informed electronic jams, Gábor elicits a strange joy in his syncopated beats. Casting waves of synth-ethic spells, this wizard has awoken a storm in the Pearl of the Danube.

Gábor also works as Cranky Bow and is 1/2 Dutch Courage.

Releases on Dalmata Dainiel, Baba Vanga, Lost Dogs Entertainment, Altered States Tapes, and Czaszka Records.

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Listen/Buy Lobban Ep here.