Andrew Haines

Photo by Ae2

Andrew Haines hails from the Clocaenog Forest in northern Wales. Situated among the hills, his productions channel the local, and ancient Ordovices’, druidic essences, through rhythmic manipulations, weaving natural, shamanistic rituals with industrial mechanistic precision, and wild techno paganism. Radar made of reverb, conjuring, abandoned, invisible, and forgotten practices into focus. These monolithic gestures, remind us all, that customs of the past remain within our being, everywhere we have been, and everywhere we go, we are the continuation.

Andrew also records under Midnight Circuitry, and with Ae2 Multimedia. He creates visual art and Djs.

Past release on Kimochi, Lost Elements Netlabel, Sleep FUSE, and Haunted Port


Listen/Buy Hidden in the Night Lp here.