KAGAMI Smile – Melting_Heart_Data

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“Melting_Heart_Data” rolls in like a distant fog; gossamer clouds of shapeshifting tendrils perform a finely calibrated dance. Massive sound walls ebb and flow into the scene; a rogue wave lit only by a strobing storm far out at sea.

KAGAMI Smile is a master at crafting soft-focus cinematic scenes, an achievement using a minimal sound palette and a hypnotic pulse, with subtle manipulations you feel more than hear. “Melting_Heart_Data” invites us to view eight deeply personal vignettes, scenes where we are met with fast-passed futurism, filled with ecstasy and vertical propulsion, and pastoral landscapes with moods of yearning and reflection.

It is in this ecstasy we heal and in reflection that we grow.
Melting Heart Data


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