Norfik – Realization

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We are pleased to bring you, “Realization” by Norfik.

Norfik is a project by Jeff Gill a prolific Chicago based producer and musician. Tracing a line from new age and midwestern soul, through to the hardcore continuum and beyond; Norfik mixes styles to create a sound entirely his own.

“Realization”, is the examination of a paradigm shift. This EP is very introspective and personal, but not in an unrelatable or navel gazing sort of way. As with a lot of great art, it feels more like being invited into the artists personal space where you get comfortable and slowly begin to peer into the their imagination. You hear their thoughts, feel their emotions, and you see their point of view. That is to say this album is as warm and inviting, as it is expansive and crystalline.

We have all experienced light bulb moments that seem to challenge our preconceived ideas and outlooks. These wellsprings can come on suddenly or slowly bubble under the surface. Epiphanies allow us to rise above our day to day consciousness in pursuit of revelations and realizations which drastically change our perspectives and values. These moments of sudden clarity can drastically alter our character and who we are. Walls are removed and where the enclosures once stood are now new views and perspectives from which to see.

So whether you are walking around a city, lost deep in meditation, or excitedly dancing in a club please realize that you won’t have to find your purpose, it will find you.