African Ghost Valley – Hondas Goblins

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We welcome back African Ghost Valley for Hondas Goblins.

Our duo take us on an adventure to a nearby cybernetic future. Situated in a crowded city where towering brutalist structures block light and navigation like a massive corporate hedge maze.  An age where the line between humanity and machine has become blurred. A world where flesh and circuits are combined, making an industrious and indebted population.

Titans of industry who cored civilization and built back a corporatocracy with their dull imaginations, projections of themselves; a mirror of greed, corruption, and insatiable desire for power from a powerless population. Cities as soulful as advertisements, these moguls have grown bored and with near total power, and have devised sadistic games to amuse themselves. A favorite is a twisted death

sport, prized for its speed, engineering, and brutality. Pitting outcast biker gangs against one another in a high speed street race that resembles cannonball run with guerrilla warfare.

Sick of it all and with nothing to lose, a group of renegade bikers, called Hondas Goblins, begin to revolt. In an age of constant surveillance the odds are steep and consequences high. Combining forces these roving bikers begin to move offline and into legend. On the subterranean level below the towers are illuminated by mottled lights from neon signs high above a ceiling covered in a web of cables and cords. A hollow yet bustling life maintains a dense landscape of endless repair shops, it’s in the cavernous back alley black markets you begin to hear a population with a new hope and the roar of, “HONDAS GOBLINS”…