Új Bála – Hideg Sors

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Emotional responses are often regarded as a foundation to experiencing art. The creation of an emotional experience has even been argued as the main purpose of artistic expression.

When we asked Gábor Kovács (Új Bála) about what inspired him to create, “Hideg Sors” he simply replied, “frustration”.

While frustration is not an emotion commonly held in high esteem, it is one expressed, celebrated, and even the focus of many artistic bedrocks; in theatre, literature, poetry. Tropes which are used in virtually all genres of popular music and film. Even a certain rock band that famously can’t get any (no) “satisfaction”.

The subject of frustration comes up over and over in art because most of us, emotionally experience frustration often and plenty. Merriam Webster defines “frustration” as “inner striving, unrest, or imbalance often with physiological indication of emotion” and “dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs”.

“Hideg Sors” teems with inner striving, and an unrest, whether there is any unresolved needs that is anyones guess, as our needs are are always shifting and recalibrating. As soon as you begin to gain your bearings you immediately whisked away to a new, daring, and exuberant place.

 Each composition acts as a diary entry, a testament to the day and time they were created. Sometimes sassy; sometimes queasy, alway immediate and forceful, presented with such ease and attitude, that can only be read as fun.

Heavy beats weave with expressive synths. Új Bála’s signature fierce drum programming, snarling percussion, and twisted rhythms. Our friend from, Budapest guides us from chaos to catharsis as he finely balances tension with glee. What we have is an artist who has a great sense of humor and plenty of swagger to back it up.

As with most emotional responses, the complexities that underly those impulses are just as interesting. Much like Új Bála’s never-boring approach to making music; utilizing improvisation in high stakes, hardware electronic machine jams; Where great risk reap the greatest rewards. Gábor controls his machines like a painter guiding a brush. Allowing warts and all to show up in the unexpected nature of machine music. Like in great art and in dramatic emotional responses we leave “Hideg Sors” hopefully a little transformed after our experiences.

Album Review

this tapes rules. it's the sort of shit woody woodpecker would listen to
- Tabs Out
October 2021