Geomag – below the river above the air

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Written and composed in the heady summer of 2020,

below the river above the air, of course delves into the consternation that the global pandemic has afflicted all of us,

but goes much further than merely wallowing in anxieties and fear.

This journey may begin with deep and unsettling questions of a metaphysical nature, but quickly breaks free of the duress; as if Geomag were able to transcend the very walls so many of us have been confined to.

Using constraint to push out in wild directions, our explorers carve out a vast world giving us a glimpse into an extraordinary expanse, and a very intimate world of their own imagination. Through blurred memories our emotions are managed by flipping time inside out, giving way to a cathartic bliss as we descend into the unknown.


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Vapor wisps over our vision as waxy textures refract dull light onto natural membranes. We are not restricted to physicality but inside vegetation, stone, and earth itself.

The journey at its core is a metamorphosis, of self reflection and growth; a rebirth and a new order, and a fine tuned nature-oriented ambi-jazz album at that.