VA – Content Aware

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March 18th marks the NYC based imprints 10th release, “Content Aware”. A 10 track various artist compilation,

available on limited edition cassette and digital formats. The release will presumably be followed by a wave of global hysteria, a tectonic shift, and a brief period of peace on earth, before… well this is just a press release we can only see into the future so far.

In this self conscious age where delicately curated environments of aesthetic perfection set the stage for personal brands, “unique” and slick vignettes. Buildings exteriors, tattooed with logos, windows littered with product advertisements. Some motorist’s entire voting history are mapped out along bumpers like a journal. Without recalling your own lunch you know what some of your friends or family eat and drink each meal of the day. Even Chalkboards in front of cafes, double as art galleries, riddle contests, and stand-up acts.

Deepfake technology affords us access to manipulated celebrity and politician likeness, basking in the uncanny valley of our own making. Artificial intelligence serves up targeted ads, bespoke to our tastes and interest, mined from data we distribute like Hansel & Gretel’s breadcrumbs. Every surface considered and designed, all lines straight, all messages on target. Cybernetic feedback loops echoing into the chasm. In this embrace of being the product ourselves, we have reached Content Awareness.

This compilation celebrates diverse perspectives, from an international roster of artists who subvert the very medium itself.