Reinartz – Interactions

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Jollies Records is pleased to announce Reinartz Interactions ep.

Reinartz’s music lies in a celestial space, of endless expanse; a distant object can scarcely be made out.

The form appears weightless in an endless darkness. An occasional ray of light breaks through the void, exposing a vessel, while laser-like technicolor radiation refracts through crystalline technology to reveal unknown but familiar fragments of time and space. Twitchy sound design and percussion bring into focus a terrestrial explorer not lost, but far from home.

Reinartz imbues his futuristic sound scape with a beauty and warmth all his own. Intergalactic compositions with a tropical soul, a sense of fun, humor, and exuberance run wild in these reduced cosmic tapestries. This future is not bleak, it is in fact a merry place to be.


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