VA – Crash Klang Bang Thang

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An international roster of accomplished artist exploring themes of an urban psychedelic landscape. An exuberant ride through a full spectrum of color and mind bending theatrics. Enjoy your journey through the primordial soup and back!

Album Review

When I say you can get Jollies up in here, I don’t mean it in a gross or crude way. I think it’s pretty unfortunate that certain idioms take hold within the public lexicon, getting away from themselves while taking on meanings not necessarily intended for them in the first place. It’s not fair to the word or saying, it’s not fair to the English language. It’s not fair that some jagbag in 1950s Lackawanna turned it into a thing when he was rough-talking with his buddies down at the tavern across from the machine shop. They closed that thing down anyway. Unions were powerless. Moved the whole operation to Kentucky before they shut THAT plant down too.

No, when I say “you can get Jollies up in here,” I mean cassette tapes! Jollies is a label straight outta Brooklyn, neck deep in outsider electronic music. Don’t believe me? Check this out: Jollies calls “Crash Klang Bang Thang” “an exuberant ride through a full spectrum of color and mend bending theatrics,” all produced by “an international roster of accomplished artists exploring themes of an urban psychedelic landscape.” Sounds like a, ahem, JOLLY good time if you ask me. And you SHOULD ask me! Know how I know this is a super outsider collection? I’ve only heard of Heejin Jang and Ale Hop, and they’re buried on the tracklist! That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have heard of Outsiderwater (super outsider with “Outsider” in the name) or Consulate or the one in Cyrillic, but let’s face it: I’m only one man.

Careful with this tape though – with great power comes great responsibility, as they say, and you’re responsible for the discovery and dissemination of each and every artist you run across for the first time. You don’t want to let that glitchy IDM banger slip through your fingers, or that dank percussive nocturne, or the bleating synth jammer. When Jollies says they’re slinging “mind bending theatrics” about the “urban psychedelic landscape,” you believe them, and you let your imagination run wild with what that means. Because, seriously, you won’t even get close with that imagination. You may as well get back to smelting iron, or whatever they did to make money sixty years ago.

So get your Jollies up in here – your “Crash Bang Klang Thang” tapes from Jollies!
- Ryan Masteller
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