African Ghost Valley – AAM

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African Ghost Valley is the work of two heavies, in the dark arts of deep droning soundscapes. The sonics on AAM are so thick you are immediately engulfed into a fully formed world. An unmistakable scent of acrid sulphur, oppressive heat, and sandy air; a raw primitive planet.

Noises crackle and spark along the planetary surface, portend low-pitched thuds and cracks, as cavities appear to pock the terrain . A land in constant flux; a call and response of formation and destruction, physically flipping a subterranean world inside out.

This duo who have forged a distinct sound, by harnessing invisible forces, (magnetism, electricity, gravity, etc.). Wielding energy to create a throbbing pressure before releasing oscillations, felt on a cellular level. These hardware explorations, hone vibrations like sonar, mapping a spacious environment that you are free to explore.

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