MOS FET & Eustress – These Days

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We are proud to bring you, These Days by MOS FET & Eustress

These Days is a supernatural 1-900 partyline portal. An occult dimension, where feverish apparitions materialize before spiraling fog, wheezing winds, and flickering lights. Horns bellow, gasses squelch, and lightly brushed rusty strings reverberate, as blurred lights stagger past. You know; spooky.

Each poltergeist tells their story, mise-en-scène, building an ethereal, holographic world; a narrative vision. The impressions are like wordless dramas, with action and adventure. Another specter interrupts, with their own finely crafted mytho, as the optical anecdotes of the previous speaker weightlessly fall away and fade into the nether. Each expression is a personal narrative, but breadcrumbs spread throughout each theme, connects the tales: There is a magic in the matrix.

And just like that, a sleight of hand trick, after all, what appeared as a ritual séance, is a mirror holding a reflection of These Days.


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